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Pipe and drape has quickly become a staple in the event services industry. It’s uses have gone far and wide. From dividing room. Creating a room writhing a room. Or most commonly as a backdrop for your event stage.

We at SAV love to use pipe and drape. With some up lighting and a few screens flanking your stage. It can easily transform the look of your event and give it that posh look you may be looking for.

We love this setup here because it incorporates a beautiful custom podium and a gorgeous background, a confidence monitor setup and a wall of pipe and drape to make all of these details stand out. The projection screens are incorporated seamlessly to finish off the look. Our client was very happy.

If you’re event is in the NYC area and you need pipe and drape. Call the best AV production company New York has to offer. SAV.



Luncheon meetings

Sharon audio visual services provides production services for any luncheon, breakfast or dinner you may have.
Sometimes you may not need a ton of av services. Just a screen and a projector. You’ve got it. no event is too large. And none is too small.
Call SAV New Yorks finest corporate av supplier for your next event.


It doesn’t matter if your company organizes one small meeting a year, or many large conferences over the course of a year, choosing the right AV production company is the key to a smooth running event.

You want to make sure your A/V service provider is able to provide what you need on time and on or under budget, choose  a company that can easily explain how the technology they provide you will enhance your conference.

Communication is vital in selecting the right audiovisual production company. you as the event planner must have a clear vision of what you want the event to look like.  wether a corporate event or a party this basic principle holds true.

A clear idea should be the first step in the process. Gather as much data as you can about your event: the venue, number of guests attending, what the event will be in terms of content and the atmosphere or vibe you would like to project.

If you are not sure exactly of your needs it is important that you communicate this to your potential Audio visual production company. If they are experienced and knowledgeable they will have someone on staff to assist you with your vision for the event. It can help to provide photos of events you have been happy with in the past or something you may have seen online. the key is proper communication. the AV service provider is there and they want to help.

A clear budget is also a must. this is usually where the communication breaks down. A budget range can extremely help a vendor meet your specific needs. “Sometimes you have a client with a Beer budget who wants a wine meeting”. Conveying as much information in advance will help the A/V company find a way to meet your needs.

Most quality audio visual production companies should be able to design the specific production elements to fit your particular budget and meet the level of quality you are looking for.

Quick tips:

  • Shop around. request quotes from multiple companies. this might seem like a chore but the amount of options this leaves you with will benefit you in the long run.
  • make sure they have access the latest technology. technology changes every 18 months according to some analyst. you don’t want to be on the losing end of it.
  • Just because its cheap doesnt mean its your best option. most times it means bad quality and unprofessional. its good to bargain hunt but dont over do it.
  • Get your corporate AV company involved int he process early in the game. If you leave it for last minute you could be surprised and in trouble when what you thought could cost one price can cost a whole lot more.

If you are in the New york or tri-state area and need a corporate audio visual company. call us at SAV 917-370-9294

LED Video walls are the wave of the future and the wave has hit corporate audio visual. With the decreasing price of the technology it is accessible to more and more companies who have the desire for a larger screen.
Nothing says wow like a corporate video on a 40 foot screen.
Why shouldn’t a corporate event utilize this technology?
We can offer you any size screen you need. And our team of professionals are capable of assembling and tweaking it to perfection quickly and efficiently.
The LED revolution is here to stay and let the production team at SAV bring it to your event.

The AV Production services team putting together the support system to a LED Video wall.


Clients Impressed with a finished LED Video Wall.

stressed female workerDo I Have To Use the In House AV?

Many of our current customers never knew they had the option of bringing their own audio visual provider into their hotel meeting until they started working with us. The truth is, bringing in your own av service provider can save you up to 50% on your audio visual budget.

What does “In-House” mean exactly? in most cases this is where an audio visual service provider is contracted to provide audio visual services at a hotel, or other venue. For the privilege of getting first rights to incoming clients they pay a percentage of their yearly revenue back to the hotel. You can now see why you’re pressured to use the In-House guys, The Hotel loves the commission on zero work. In-house providers can also be a part of a preferred vendors list who also pay for the same privilege.

Another frequent and scary situation is when the hotel has one of their employees acting as the in-house av department. usually this employee; either a banquet manager or IT guy, has minimal experience and knowledge, and that can be detrimental to your event.

In-house providers are usually busy with multiple events going on within the space and multiple meeting rooms of the hotel. this means that you wont get their full attention and often their best staff for your event. By bringing in an outside provider you pay for dedicated support for your event alone.

Take your time in reading your contract before signing. The general issue usually arises after a meeting planner signs their contract with the venue and after skimming through the audio visual section they miss a small detail stating that they will have to pay anywhere from 5 to 40 percent of their AV billing to the in-house av provider if they decide to bring in an external company. this is commonly called a corkage fee. and it is something that event planners MUST strike through this portion of the contract. The hotel makes more money from food and beverage and meeting room rentals than audio visual, so removing the clause that restricts working with your choice of provider is easy to do. Even if you’re not sure who you would like to use for audio visual, you must keep your options open and not submit to these restrictions. Hotels will be lenient, you can certainly take your business elsewhere and they are aware of that.

it is probably your best option to shop around for your audio visual provider. definitely get a quote from the in-house provider but try and be thorough in what you are receiving. do not assume that the in-house provider is the most affordable or best option in your case. most in-house providers carry only minimal equipment on-site and sub-rent anything extra that their clients might need, they mark up the price and pass the cost on to you.

No meeting to too big or small for SAV. our audio visual professionals have run the gamut or meeting types. From a small meeting with a single microphone and flipchart. To a large venue with a full band and lighting. Weather corporate or not, We have seen it all; bands, concerts, fashion, corporate meetings, etc. And with that confidence we are more than willing and able to take on your event.
As one of the highest quality audio visual service providers in New York City you can give us your full confidence to execute you corporate event to your standards.
Don’t hesitate. Call or email the best audio visual company in New York City for a quote. We’re here to serve you.


At Sharon AV we love our crew. These are the highly skilled audio visual professionals that make your show happen. We take pride in knowing that our team will execute your event flawlessly. Our knowledgable staff has a flawless record of success and wed like to share that with you. So when you’re in need of an audio visual company in NYC call Sharon av. You won’t be disappointed.



At Sharon audio visual. We maximize the setup time to its fullest. Assuring that every technical aspect of your show is at peak performance. Ensuring that your show/event runs as smoothly as possible.
Notated how big or small your went space is we will help you execute your vision.

Call us today for a quote or just a conversation on how we can further enhance your show. 917-370-9294

S.A.V. Is you best decision when it comes to audio visual in the New York City area and along the east coast.

We at Sharon audio visual can work with any event space of your choosing. Large or small, the venue of your choice is no factor.
No shape or size can deter us from providing you with the Audio Visual perfection you desire. Call us today for a quote for your next event. 917-370-9294


Panel discussions are a staple in the meeting industry. Along with it come challenges for the audio professional. With many open lavaliere microphones going at the same time, it’s an invitation for feedback. (The squeaks and squelches that come out of speakers). At Sharon AV we have it down to a science. With feedback suppression techniques we will guarantee the most pristine audio environment. All you will hear are you presenters voices. Let Sharon AV service your next meeting. We primarily service New York City and the tri-state area. And all of the east coast. Give us a call. 917-370-9294